A) " GRIPP® " Screw Thread Insert :
Most light alloys and plastic materials are very low in shear strength. Consequently tapped threads in the material have poor pull strength and low resistance to wear.

" GRIPP®" wire inserts have been the preferred solution for strengthening threads in low-strength metal materials for over thirty years due to high-wearing tensile strength, low thread friction, tight tolerances and a high surface quality as well as corrosion and heat resistance.

These inserts are formed by coiling a rhomboidically profiled wire into a resilient spiral coil resulting in an optimal fitting structural shape, hence the name coiled screw thread wire insert.

These coiled wire inserts provide a hard accurate lasting thread of high mechanical efficiency.

" GRIPP ® " inserts are lighter, cheaper and occupy less space than a solid bushing, by locking itself permanently into position in a tapped hole, screw thread inserts do not require staking or locking pins which generally add to assembly weight and bulk.

" GRIPP® " wire inserts are manufactured for every thread form including UNC, UNF, BSW, BSF, BSP, BA and ISO Metric threads.

wound screw thread inserts are manufactured from class 304 (18-8), 316 stainless steel as well as Inconel materials.

" GRIPP ® " wire inserts are available in two types –

1)  Free Running Inserts
2) Screw-Lock Inserts

  Free Running Inserts : - are precision female wire thread of high surface finish and strength.

These inserts, besides strengthening the threads of the parent material also cancel out errors of pitch and angles while mating with its corresponding bolt.

The outer diameter of these inserts being larger than the tapped hole the " GRIPP®" insert anchors itself once fitted because of the radial pressure exerted.

2) Screw-Lock-Inserts
:- apart from having all the above merits these inserts posses a polygonal central coil which exerts a prevailing and resilient torque on the bolt preventing the bolt/screw from loosening under vibrations and impacts.

The bolt/screw can be fitted and removed several times without any considerable loss of torque.

Screw-lock inserts when fitted into nuts provide what is probably the best kind of self-locking nuts, known as nuts.

WIRE FLATTENERS manufactures inserts alongwith fitment and removal tools & accessories like  insert taps,  insertors, extractors, gauges which makes it the largest mfrs in India.

WIRE FLATTENERS with their mfg and marketing abilities introduced wire inserts to India and have made it the preferred industrial fastener where thread reliability is a critical factor.

coiled wire inserts are the ultimate and indispensable industrial fasteners providing preventive and curative thread strengthening solutions.

- WIRE FLATTNERS, Bombay (Mumbai) mfrs nuts in various materials like En, Stainless Steel, Brass, Inconel etc; fitted with S.S-304/316 or Inconel screw-lock type wire thread inserts."GRIPP® " nuts are the only long term solution to loosening fasteners in situations of aggressive vibrations and impacts where other industrial fasteners tend to loosen.

The locking wire insert features a series of uniquely designed polygonal locking coil threads which upon the engagement of a screw or bolt,defect radially to permit bolt installation. Upon bolt entry these locking threads flex outwards creating pressure between the flanks of the bolt thread, maximizing the contact area.

nuts have magical torque retaining abilities even in the event of numerous fitments and removals making them indispensable in industries like automobiles, railways, material handling and conveying equipments.

" BOASTING THE LOWEST PRICES IN THE WORLD, WIRE FLATTENERS, India sets the benchmark with its thread repair kits covering majority of commonly used sizes.

ULTRA SLEEK yet equipped to carry out any kind of industrial/automotive maintenance the Thread repair kits include stainless steel inserts a tap, tang breaker and one of a kind threaded mandrel inserting tool that can assure you a foolproof fitment.

Thread repair kits come in durable plastic boxes with illustrated instructions making it convenient for first-time users.

Spark plug thread repair kits consist of pilot-nosed taps which facilitate self alignment eliminating the need for drilling.




Tang Breakers

Threading Taps

Thread Gauges

D) "GRIPP®" Tools and Accessories
" are all manufactured in house to exacting standards.

Inserters, Extractors, Tang Breakers, Threading Taps and Thread Gauges make WF the one stop source providing all thread related solutions under one roof.

Our tools and accessories not only complement our wide range of wire thread inserts but are also compatible with other leading brands of inserts.


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