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"GRIPP" wire inserts have been the preferred solution for strengthening threads in low-strength metal due to high-wearing tensile strength, low thread friction, tight tolerances and a high surface quality as well as corrosion and heat resistance. These coiled wire inserts provide a hard accurate lasting thread of high mechanical efficiency.

"GRIPP" inserts are lighter, cheaper and occupy less space than a solid bushing, by locking itself permanently into position in a tapped hole.

"GRIPP" wire inserts are manufactured for every thread form including UNC, UNF, BSW, BSF, BSP, BA and ISO Metric threads.

Screw Thread Inserts are manufactured from class 304 (18-8), 316 stainless steel as well as Inconel materials.

Helical Thread Inserts (Free Running Type)

Free Running Inserts : - are precision female wire thread of high surface finish and strength.

These inserts, besides strengthening the threads of the parent material also cancel out errors of pitch and angles while mating with its corresponding bolt.

The outer diameter of these inserts being larger than the tapped hole the "GRIPP" insert anchors itself once fitted because of the radial pressure exerted.

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